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Video downloads


Pain control before tattooing session


Acetaminophen pain reliever that will NOT thin the blood and make you bleed more during your session!




Topical anesthetic that reduces the pain level by about 50%. Will not make the tattoo needles slip since it’s non-oily.

Tattoo aftercare


Medical-grade, sterile barrier film that optimizes the healing of your tattoo. Waterproof, clear, breathable, flexible, latex-free, and no tape needed!

Rose Tattoo Aftercare - Liquid Serum

USDA certified organic, 100% vegan, and comes in a spray bottle for easy application. Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic serum that minimizes the chance of infection, aids faster healing, soothes the skin and relieves itching.




Antimicrobial, unscented liquid soap in convenient pump bottle.





Neutrogena SPF70 sunblock

Waterproof, sweatproof, non-comedogenic, dry-touch, and ultra sheer.