Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the common questions we get. If we haven’t been able to answer your questions with the info below, feel free to get in touch with us through our Contact Us page and we’ll be happy to help you!

I have very sensitive skin and I want to make sure the products and methods you’re recommending for getting rid of my tattoo won’t cause a reaction. What should I do?

At Bad Ink Be Gone, we’re all about showing you how to SAFELY get rid of your unwanted tattoo. Even though we try to find and recommend only the safest products and methods out there, we realize that some people have very sensitive skin or specific allergies to a variety of elements and ingredients. For example, something as standard as beeswax in tattoo cover up makeup, or alcohol in tattoo airbrush makeup could be problematic for some people. If you think you could get a negative reaction or be allergic to any of the products or methods we recommend, please check with your doctor first!

Is it safe for me to give my credit card info to make a purchase online?

Some people are still making their very first online purchases, and it’s understandable that they be hesitant about using their credit cards on the Internet. Ordering online is actually a safer method of payment than communicating credit card info by phone or by mail. Making a payment through a secure online form will ensure that your info is sent directly to the merchant bank, instead of passing through the hands of some dude working in a Customer Service department. Bad Ink Be Gone Ltd. is affiliated to very reputable and secure online payment processing companies such as Amazon and Clickbank. For any specific questions concerning the security of their ordering platforms, you’ll need to directly contact the merchants we’re affiliated to. You can click on any product in the Products section to visit the corresponding merchant’s webpage.

What if I have a question about the shipping, distribution, or return of a physical product?

Bad Ink Be Gone Ltd. isn't directly involved with the shipping, distribution, and return of physical products. This website is actually a "hub" that leads visitors to the merchants of the stellar products recommended by Bad Ink Be Gone Ltd. and Tania Barbe. You'll need to directly get in touch with the merchants you made a purchase from.

Do Bad Ink Be Gone Ltd. or Tania Barbe make any money off of the recommended products, and if so, how can I trust their recommendations?

Bad Ink Be Gone Ltd. and its founder, Tania Barbe, do sometimes make a small referral commission by leading visitors to the merchant pages of the recommended products. Please note that this isn’t the case for every product recommended on this website. In fact, some of the merchants we link to don’t pay affiliate commissions at all. Bad Ink Be Gone Ltd. and Tania Barbe believe in being fully transparent, by demonstrating product comparisons and reviews through video, and by only promoting products and methods they love.

I like the look and format of the website. Can you let me know who helped you with the design?

It took a village of people to create the website! Check out the About Tania section to find out which technical platforms and companies have been key in the development of this information website.